• Our Tasty
    Happy Hour Menu

    Monday – Saturday: 11am – Midnight
    Sunday: 9am – 11pm

Happy Hour Appetizers

Available in the bar area only
3pm – 6pm daily
9pm – 11pm Sunday – Thursday
9pm – midnight Friday & Saturday

  • Sliders

    Cheeseburger - 6
    Beef patties with American cheese, pickles and onions
    Boursin- 8
    Beef patties with Boursin cheese, red pepper aioli, onion straws

    Cheese ball - 8
    Beef patties with mac & cheese balls, American and Monterey Jack cheese

    Jalapeno Boursin - 9
    Beef patties with fried jalapeno, bacon,
    Boursin cheese

    Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin- 9
    Grilled pineapple, Asian slaw

    Walleye - 9
    Walleye cakes served tartar and lemon

    Prime Rib - 15
    Creamy horseradish sauce and au jus
  • Bacon Cheese Ball Egg Rolls 10

    Beef, onions, cheddar, ketchup, mustard

  • Brie Cheese Curds 10

    A rich and creamy step up from the original. Served with Lingonberry ketchup

  • Beef Bites & Blu Fondue 10

    Seared tenderloin pieces served with creamy Amablu cheese

  • Rotisserie Wings 5.50 / 11.00

    Marinated in our house rotisserie spice and then grilled. Choice of Bang Bang, BBQ, Amablu Blu Cheese & Chipotle Ranch