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    Gluten Free Menu

    Available at Lunch & Dinner

When placing your order, it is very important to indicate if you have an allergy. This allows our service and kitchen staff to ensure your safety.

This menu is meant to be used alongside our regular lunch/dinner menu, it is not complete on its own.

Please make the best choice for your meal based on the severity of your allergy.

We can substitute bread or bun for our gluten free bun for $2.


Rotisserie Wings

Calamari (no breading, sauteed instead of fried)

Soup, Salads & HEALTHY BOWLS

All Salads & Healthy Bowls can be made Gluten Free

(All dressings are Gluten Free, except the Plum Sauce)


All sandwich options can be made gluten free, except for the Honey Fried Chicken

‘Good’ Juice, Breading & BBQ sauce contain gluten

* Gluten Free Bun available for substitution $2 upcharge


Beef & BEYOND Burgers

All options, except for Cowboy burger (BBQ sauce) & (Onion Straws)

*Gluten Free Bun available for substitution $2 upcharge


Rotisserie Chicken (‘Good’ Juice free)

All steaks and Prime Rib (no au jus)


All fresh fish can be grilled or broiled

Breading contains gluten


Mashed potatoes, hash browns, rice pilaf,

cole slaw, fuji apples, parmesan broccoli, mushrooms, grilled asparagus,

campfire beans and fresh fruit